Thank you Geoffrey Coetzee.

Tango has thrived and become a very confident class mate.

The old school people had it so wrong…punishing a dog to behave just makes the dog do so out of fear.

One cannot demand respect.

It is earned…positive training… praise praise and praise for good behaviour.

Dogs want to please their owners.

And I can see how Tango has grown in confidence.  He started as a meek and shy Border Collie. He is very self-confident and learning very fast.

If you own a dog…you must train him/her.

I can recommend K9 Intervention as the very best

Jo Poynton

Nenaska is a pure bred Pi-Bald Siberian Husky. She is extremely important to me.

She was given to me as a present at 10 weeks old, and has been part of the K9 Intervention training group in Brackenfell for almost one year now. Her first class was when she was about 3 months old. She will have her first birthday on 29 September.

She was really not an easy puppy at all! Geoffrey will remember some of her nightmare classes I am sure. She literally ran away at one stage during the class. She really rebelled at a high level. This little baby nearly had me in tears in one class. I was almost ready to give up! In fact, she had a few of these classes. I really thought she might be expelled at some stage, but lucky for her, and me, K9 Intervention has a very patient teacher.

Geoffrey is a very good trainer, and very very encouraging. He gave me some much needed pep talks and encouraged me to stay positive. Nas, being a stubborn and high energy breed, has really given me hell, but with the help of K9 Intervention training classes and advice, she is really growing up to be an AWESOME dog. She has learned and grown so much. I am accomplishing things with her that I rarely see owners accomplish with Huskies. And every time she accomplishes something new, I am even more proud of her than before.

She still has her off days and still has bad classes here and there, and very vocal! She definitely ads some humour to every class. But she has an understanding trainer, who fortunately understands the need for a Husky to be talkative and weird…😉

Becoming part of K9 Intervention’s Brackenfell training group was really the best thing I could have done for Nas. She is so so excited and happy to go to classes on Saturdays and is relaxed and well exercised after every class.

Thank you Geoffrey and K9 Intervention for all your help and support. Nas and I will always appreciate it and stay a part of the group for as long as possible.

Smokie Benecke

Fostering an almost full grown pitbull can be stressful.

Geoffrey at K9 Intervention gave me the right help and advice to get my boy, Keanu, where he is today!! They helped us grow together.

Jaco Roets

K9 Intervention saved Titan

I just want to thank Geoffrey and his team for helping me out with my Boy Titan. He is a Rotti and I have had him since 6 weeks old. He was very bound to me and we had imprinted on each other from the word go.

Titan is a unique dog and super intelligent, and fearless with a heart of a Bear and doesn’t back down wanting to protect his family. Unfortunately something happened and I couldn’t keep him anymore and spoke to Geoffrey.

He gladly assisted and took Titan in and gave him a home. With perseverance and persistence they finally got him to trust them and I know as a working dog he is where he is supposed to be. Helping the world to be a better place. Geoffrey is keeping myself and my partner Lana in the loop every week with his progress and we are so happy to see he is happy.

We have our 11 month baby rotti in his classes in Saturday’s as well for training and love seeing how she grows as well and he is such a great trainer, pairing dogs with personalities together so it makes it easier in the classes to work and get your dog to peruse the goals set out.

Once again just wanted to thank Geoffrey and his team for all his love and effort for our best friends we train and love so much.

André Botes

I highly recommend working with K9 Intervention. Their passion for dogs and upbeat nature makes class engaging and enjoyable. Geoffrey has a tremendous depth of knowledge with extensive experience in a wide range of training and behavioural situations.

They offer so much more than just K9 training, as they educate owners, handlers and new trainers, as well as motivates them and guide them to be the best owners, handlers and trainers.

The old phrase “a teacher is born not made” is how best to describe Geoffrey and his team. Teachers need to know their subject matter well; Geoffrey has a great deal of knowledge and passion for dogs, he understands the different breeds and also the strengths of them. And a teacher needs to be able to teach. My time with K9 Intervention, I’ve learned so many new methods and how to apply what I’ve learned. My confidence and personality as a trainer grew and I was able to achieve my hearts desire to become a dog trainer.

Geoffrey treats every dog individually and is incredibly supportive to the dog’s owner, handler and trainer alike.

Him and his team has a natural way with dogs and their humans whether you are the owner, handler or trainer. Training sessions with K9 Intervention is always comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable.

I was part of K9 Intervention for 6 months and gained so much knowledge and experience in all aspects that they provide from Basic obedience, protection and detection, to Bootcamp and training dogs for personal protection and security purposes.

I recommend any K9 owner, handler and trainer new and old to join the K9 Intervention team and become part of the growing family.


I never realised training a dog has so much importance. I always knew training facilities, individuals existed and thought that my dog won’t miss out on anything as she’s well cared for and loved and what more can a dog ask for. She must be in doggy heaven while still alive. How wrong could I have been.

After starting my basic obedience course with K9 Intervention my dog grew from an ordinary family dog into a self-confident well-mannered extraordinary creature. Both dog an handler has made so much progress, we are still training with K9 Intervention and every milestone reached is an achievement for both dog and handler.

K9 Intervention comes highly recommended as they have a passion for what they are doing and a love for dogs without boundaries.

Aldene Basson