Family Protection DogsHaving a trained personal or family protection dog has become a priority security requirement, seen in the light of the general crime trend in our country. Let us train and supply your PPD or FPD that will adapt with what the family wants, and that could alert during emerging dangers and threats, and react to protect and save the lives of family member.

During the consultation phase we commit to keep all our discussion private and confidential. We are in the business of training and supplying of trained dogs, and not to reveal the identity of our client. In this regard we treat everyone that walks into our door the same.

Family Protection Dogs

Individual and family threat levels are different, therefor your K9 requirement will be different. You must allow us to select the best possible dog that will fit in exactly with your day-to-day lifestyle.

We go through well-defined processes to select only the best dogs to present to our clients. In this regard, we only supply Belgian Shepherd Malinois, or German Shepherd dogs for this purpose. The different price range for such trained dogs, is defined by what the client requirement is. Once we have agreed on the standards to be met, we set to work, find the suitable dog, and start the training process.

Family Protection Dogs

Before delivery of your dog can take place, you will be required to attend a 3-5 day training and detail orientation process. Although the dog will become part of your family, you must remember that it a working dog, and should allow it to fulfill its purpose. As part of the purchase price, we have included refresher and skill retention training, as it is important for the dog to remain on the standard it was delivered to you.

Considering a PPD/FPD is not a decision that should be taken lightly, but rather a clear and well thought through process. You are welcome to discuss your personal or family requirement with us. Call us and let us discuss your family requirement. Good luck!